A curiously fast, interactive analytics & data visualization product for large datasets.

Alongside our open source community, we enable the data curious to turn data into pixels wherever data lives.

Data's new playground.

abnormally Fast and efficient data visualization – interrogate your data in real time.

Secure by default – see only what you should see.

Explore and play – understand your data’s shape and boundaries.

Structure that supports the platform & customers – Prospective scales as you scale.

Explore your data
See your insights

triage the data avalanche

Explore and manipulate data quickly with Prospective. Create dashboards so opportunities jump out and execute on them at a moment's notice. Don’t wait months for an engineering team to integrate or get IT security approval.

Be the product hero

Using Prospective, find top buyers in specific geographic regions through simple clicks and ready to go visualizations. No need to write tons of SQL queries.

Uptime Champion

Provide uninterrupted service your customers expect. Quickly manage and overlook all your systems inside Prospective. Collaborate with colleagues to track down issues in real-time.

data democratiser

Easily connect to a variety of sources directly from the browser. Access data you have permissions to without configuration from IT. Prospective makes data accessible to multiple teams staying inside our network.

The team behind Prospective:

Andrew Stein
Davis Silverman
Broch Stilley
Tom Jakubowski
Eric Schmalzbauer