Empowering Data Enthusiasts to Convert Data into Visual Magic, Anywhere Data Exists

Revolutionizing data interpretation with a collaborative platform for real-time analysis and response. From data to visual magic.

I am thrilled to officially unveil our company, Prospective, as we roll out our Beta product.

At Prospective, we thrive on the power of open-source software and robust user experiences enhanced by WebAssembly. Our mission? To simplify converting raw data into compelling visual presentations, no matter where the data originates.

We uphold the notion that software creation is, at its core, a human venture. Our success is measured by our ability to assist a diverse range of professionals - data scientists, product managers, marketers, operations professionals, or any other individuals striving to access, visualize, query, and share data seamlessly.

Introducing Prospective, the offspring of the robust open-source project, Perspective.

Being an early adopter of WebAssembly, Perspective set the pace in interactive analytics & data visualization. Its inception was in the capital markets sector where substantial, streaming, and real-time data are the norm, and exceptional speed and native performance are non-negotiable.

Rest assured that the Perspective community will keep thriving as our steadfast commitment to open-source is the bedrock of our operations.

Sizable, Streaming, & In Real-Time

We recognize that the challenges of handling large, streaming, real-time data are not confined to the capital markets. Accessing, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data can often be intricate, time-consuming, and expensive. This holds true across all business and technology sectors, within an organization, and in collaborations with partners and clients. The transition towards real-time data access for customer retention, observability, or transaction analysis is a common hurdle for teams and enterprises.

From Single-Player to Multiplayer

We aim to transform the open-source experience from solitary to collaborative, delivering enterprise-grade, native performance. Imagine a dynamic ecosystem involving a VP of Operations, a Data Scientist, and a DevOps Engineer.

The VP of Operations at a logistics provider, aiming to set their services apart, wants to offer retail customers a cost-effective way to access, analyze, and share all data related to carriers, geographies, and containers. The goal? To enhance customer loyalty.

A Data Scientist strives to conduct, visualize, and broadcast real-time streaming analytics through customizable dashboards within this ecosystem. The mission? To scrutinize transactions instantly, detect anomalies that suggest fraud, and halt fraudulent transactions before they occur.

Simultaneously, a DevOps Engineer seeks to understand how their code performs in production, its functionality, and potential failures and to visualize potential network threats in real time. Their objective? To proactively safeguard against data loss for their organization.

Our goal is to provide a platform that fosters this dynamic collaboration, powering a comprehensive, real-time analysis and response mechanism.

From Data to Pixels

Our comprehensive product roadmap includes leveraging additional data sources across the enterprise space. We also continue to spearhead development within the Perspective open-source community.

Please connect with us at hello@prospective.co, subscribe to our newsletter, or join our vibrant open-source community @ https://github.com/finos/perspective.

Eric Schmalzbauer, Co-founder, CEO